Lilith Lane

Lilith Lane is an independent Australian singer/songwriter, musician.  Her 3rd solo album ‘Pilgrim’ is the follow-up to her 2010 release ‘Gold Diamond’ which centered around grand piano and string sounds with Peter Luscombe on drums and Bill McDonald on bass.

‘Pilgrim’ steps into another realm leaving the piano behind on her travels Lilith’s new album allows garage guitars and spacious meanderings to creep in.  It’s a journey that takes you from tender to brutal and back again.  Mixed by Mike Mariconda, a New Yorker who recorded the first Powdermonkeys record, the Cosmic Psychos and who is well-known for his guitar playing in the Raunch Hands and Devil Dogs amongst many other projects.  Lilith recorded with Mariconda whilst on tour in Europe with Black Pony Express in 2008 and years later bumped into him whilst living in Madrid where she decided to make her 3rd album.

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Suzie Stapleton

SUZIE STAPLETON’s voice commands a room. In an instant it spirals from a charcoal murmur to a thundering roar "like a 747 taking off." It wraps around words channeled from a primal source sometimes direct, and often disarmingly poetic.


Stapleton has gained a following for her engaging performances, fierce guitar playing, and intelligent songwriting. Her second EP “Obladi Diablo” was released through Beast Records (France) in 2013 during a European tour which included appearances at France’s Binic Folk Blues Festival (Thee Oh Sees, Mikal Cronin) and Colours of Ostrava in Czech Republic (Sigur Ros, Tomahawk, The XX) .


Whilst in London, Stapleton crossed paths with Cypress Grove, the producer of The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project. He invited her to record for the project’s third album ‘Axels & Sockets’ which was released in June 2014 (Glitterhouse, Germany) and includes Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Debbie Harry, and Thurston Moore amongst others. Stapleton appears on the album’s first single “Constant Limbo (Constant Rain)” alongside Mark Lanegan, Crippled Black Phoenix, Cypress Grove, and Bertrand Cantat, as well as album track “My Cadillac”.


Stapleton returns to Europe this November to play shows in France, Germany, Czech Republic, and the UK including International Blues Alive Festival in Sumperk and a support for ex-Bad Seed Hugo Race in London. The tour also coincides with the release of Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove’s split album “Twin Horses” on which Stapleton cameos. She will return to Australia in December to finish working on her debut full-length release set for 2015.


MKO is unconcerned with following trends.

MKO is a trend.


MKO is a solo artist.

MKO is a band.


MKO balances old-school ideals that music should be deep, challenging, tuneful, soulful and syncopated; with an otherworldy, abstracted new-school spin.


MKO truly has the voice of an angel. She can sing like a Disney fairy, a Bollywood princess or an R&B diva, all with her own trademark originality.


MKO makes electric, eclectic, eccentric underground soul.


MKO must be heard.

Words are only words.

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Logan Dove


Soul Shaker, power yellen passion seeker.

Shawnee hits you hard using her voice as fire power that shoots clear strength and soul right at you and like the meaning of her name, her vocal ability is dangerously beautiful. 

Shawnee’s music is an eclectic sound of many vibes. Her punchy rock soul and country roots play their part while her catchy melody’s and lyrical stories pitch in. Refusing to be labeled “I create music in the moment and write from my heart, It’s the only way for me to love what I do” 

Shawnee is an award winning performer and watching her live performance becomes apparent why she is a natural born entertainer. Beyond her intoxicating vocal ability, her engaging energy and passion is a true experience in itself. She leads with her heart and it is infectious.

Canadian aboriginal (Mohawk) was born in Welland, Ontario. Her mother published author Lynne Sherry Mclean and father Tim Talbot and two siblings. Shawnee grew up with music in the house she played her father’s guitar her brothers piano and listened to Melissa Etheridge until she discovered music was in her blood and bones. Shawnee spent her early childhood years different from other kids. Outside of school she spent writing lyrics, playing instruments writing songs and imagining a life as a professional singer. At the age of 10 life hit hard when Shawnee’s father passed away and her first feeling of ultimate pain set in. A few years later she was discovered and started her first job performing as a Shania Twain impersonator until the age of 15. Growing up as a teenager was a struggle and Shawnee rebelled in ways wanting more from life. She spent most nights in the local bar scene performing ACDC and Led Zeppelin in a rock band. After finishing high school she worked during the days and music nights she saved up enough money and left the small town life behind and headed to Toronto to make music her life.

It did not take long before Toronto agreed with Shawnee and her talent and she was embraced as a songwriter, performer and vocalist. At the head of her career she dominated the music business “I learned to love the business as much as the music because without one there is no other” She appeared on Canadian Idol performed across Canada with Roxette and Glass Tiger she was named Toronto’s performer and vocalist of the year and appeared vocally on the hit Disney TV show (The Next Step) In 2013 she was supported by Much Fact for her single Mirror Me and the video was added to Much Music. The song hit #1 on the NAMA Countdown she was nominated for the CBS Grammy Gig of a Lifetime and performed on CTV Canada AM. She spent the summer of 2013 on her This is Me Tour in USA and Canada where during the NYC Pride performance she shared the stage with Lady Gaga.

Shawnee is now working with Juno award winning producer Tim Thorney. 
“I want to share my life experiences with these songs and who knows, they might give someone else strength when needed” The vibrant artist is quickly gaining attention and supporters, Exclaim Magazine says "Shawnee has a female empowered charm all the while she has a undeniable star quality. 

Next to music is her passion for humanity. Shawnee is an outspoken advocate for LGBT equality and strives to empower youth, women’s and aboriginal communities.

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