Clementine Mills (Bec: Seasons 2-4)

I first got involved with SFN as a one-liner extra role in Season 2. I went to drama school with Sarah and soon after we'd graduated she called me up one day and said "Clem I'm doing a web series and we need a chick to play a lesbian and kiss this really hot girl who's playing my sort-of-ex who is trying to make my character jealous and they asked me if I knew any cute lesbians so I thought of you, will you do it?" I said that my acting abilities could probably stretch to that, turned up at 8 am on a Thursday, made out with Bianca about 2 minutes after meeting her (B is so delightful and professional she has a way of making you feel totally comfortable), met Julie and everything went from there. I instantly fell in love with the cast and crew and Julie's script and work ethos so when she told me she was expanding my role I was over the moon. 

I've loved watching the success of the series grow over the seasons and seeing the characters and stories develop, especially with the recent help of Screen Australia. It's been so cool as a gay women to be part of a show that really validates and gives voice to gay women and the wider LGBTQI community; too often we see our identities exploited and commodified for the benefit of the mainstream and to the detriment of our community so to read Julie's scripts about a group of women who are human first and gay second was so exciting and refreshing!

By Clementine Mills